I am neither a globetrotter and jetsetter, nor a chef or a cook.  A writer or an author? Out of the question.  I surf the Internet from time to time; I appreciate and sometimes envy some bloggers’s writing style.  Every now and then I read articles I can relate to and often times I can identify with.

In October 1998, I was assigned to the Y2K Project at work and it led me to the discovery of the Internet.  Compiling from up to 5,000 compliance status statements from manufacturers’ or suppliers sites on the Internet was tedious, at first, but it opened my eyes to the potential the web offers.  Google and Yahoo were not very well known then, not to me or not in my neck of the woods yet.  Ask Jeeves and AltaVista were my ‘co-workers’ as these web search engines were the tools that assisted me throughout the project.  The same year my husband designed the family’s website, tracing my father’s roots.  Again, the Internet has been the tool to share and search.

I am a full-time Cebuana mother with a full-time job. I am still learning my way around cooking and open to any good advice. Three crazy…opps.. perfect children and a husband who is passionate in everything he does.  Hardly able to manage household chores in Australia so why create this blog?  It is as if I have nothing else to do.

Contact: hingpitblog@gmail.com


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