‘Same faces, Same dresses’
18 October 2009, 10:58 pm
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Brother-in-law’s 62nd  birthday, again, provided another occasion to splurge on experimental viand.  Although a few of the dishes prepared last night have been tried and tested, other variations were included.

The usual ‘over-used’ viands during family get together like barbecue chicken wings were replaced with chicken breast, chopsuey was enhanced and turned into chow pat chin, beef steak evolved into casajos with onion rings, Australian whole chicken was roasted ‘bisaya’ style and the birthday cake was semi sans rival and pavlova – the meringue base from pavlova cake and the buttercream I attempted from the sans rival recipe.   The sans rival meringue instructions are still too much for me to undertake.

The only viand that remained true to form were the fish escabeche, fresh lumpia, pancit canton and humba.  My leche flan was the star amongst the mango refrigerator cake and the biko (sweet sticky rice).

Majority of the guests were a group of close-knit friends of my sister and brother-in-law; us, who already comprised half of the crowd; and my brother-in-law’s relatives.  These are the same persons who are always present at family celebrations.  Thus, same faces, same dresses; another expression coined by my sisters.

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Are we there, yet?
20 July 2009, 8:05 pm
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by Hingpit

Excited faces
Delighted faces
Same place
Sweltering place

Recent addition
Modern diversion
Refreshing recreation
To re-visit soon


Sungka versus Wii (Sports)
5 May 2009, 11:39 pm
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I visited MarketManila today and made a comment on his article dated 3 May 2009 on Chicos & Indian Mangoes in Season Now! Millet reminisced on her childhood summers spent playing sungka.

I am also part of the statistics on millions of Filipinos who spent summers playing sungka.  “What is that,  mum?”,  my 6-year old daughter asked as I cleaned the sungka for this article.  How do I start? Could I explain the rules to her properly? My son is most likely to ask for the manual or instructions on how the ‘game’ is played.   How much effort can these computer kids spend learning the old game before boredom sets in?

The only similarity I can think of when comparing the old game and new technology is the excitement and anticipation that your turn is next.


“Dear, your Christmas gift is still at the post office.”
27 December 2008, 11:26 am
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Hubby has been converted to watching Food Lovers’ Guide to Australia, Food Safari, Beyond River Cottage, My Greek Kitchen, Cheese Slices, Rick Stein’s series, Kylie Kwong, Bizarre Foods, Surfing the Menu, Nigella Lawson and of course Anthony Bourdain.

He has also visited Market Manila website, the site I habitually visit like an online stalker.

The Post Office was closed for the holidays, so my Christmas gift was picked up today, 27 December 2008.

Tony's books

Keeping an eye out for Anthony Bourdain in Cebu episode.

Hubby reading MY book first.

Hubby reading MY book with his favourite Choc Nut.