Two more bottles for the fridge
30 December 2009, 3:46 pm
Filed under: General, Wine/beverage

Two bottles of red wine are joining previous year’s Christmas gifts — one from hubby’s friend and one from my boss. The fridge door is incapable of holding eight bottles any longer so I tenderly laid them down on their side on the first level in the fridge.

We received a few wine bottles as gifts over the years and we store them to preserve their goodness for when the desire to consume them occurs. We have a bottle each of red and white half consumed which I use for my cooking experiments. I searched on the internet for tips on how to store wine at home. Wines have been stored in wine caves and underground cellars for hundreds of years. Wine vault, wine cellar, wine cooler, wine rack, and wine cabinet are the many ways to store wine for aging purposes and to conserve their goodness. It is also advised to always store bottles on their side, to keep storage temperature moderate, to avoid spots with constant vibration and light — simply to keep it cool, keep it in the dark and keep it still to safely store wine at home. An article warned that storing wine in the kitchen refrigerator for more than week or so is not a good idea as the temperature may flatten the taste of wine. There is also consideration on other smells – smells from left-over food, fruits, vegetables & cheese – which could affect the taste of wine.

As acquiring wine vaults, cellars, coolers, racks and cabinets are not at the top of our shopping list, my bottles of wine are in danger of losing flavour.