Bring a Plate
4 December 2009, 8:35 pm
Filed under: Family, Food, General

A different one this time, was the unanimous decision for this year’s family Christmas party.   The family is taking time-out from the over-used dishes constantly prepared and laid on the table during parties for the past years.

Cooking lechon at the back of my sister’s place was suggested; which means seafood sinugba is not far behind – with the coal from the lechon.  Scanning the pages of my recipe books for an uncommon dish is not easy.  Indian, Thai, Singaporean, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Indonesian or Chinese?

I have started to conduct a series of experiments for my contribution to this year’s Christmas festivities. The Indian tomato rice and the masi, which I think is the Cebuano adaptation to the Chinese new year sweet dumplings, are not bad.


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heya aunty Maria mum and mel here, was just catching up on your blog.Mum says she has gifts 4 everyone,which means christmas 4 girls and New years 4 the boys… Ha Ha. love ya’s

Comment by Mila

Lots of folks talk about this matter but you said some true words!

Comment by JefsLaummaKef

JefsLaummaKef, thank you for dropping by.

Comment by hingpit

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