‘Same faces, Same dresses’
18 October 2009, 10:58 pm
Filed under: Entertainment, Family, Food

Brother-in-law’s 62nd  birthday, again, provided another occasion to splurge on experimental viand.  Although a few of the dishes prepared last night have been tried and tested, other variations were included.

The usual ‘over-used’ viands during family get together like barbecue chicken wings were replaced with chicken breast, chopsuey was enhanced and turned into chow pat chin, beef steak evolved into casajos with onion rings, Australian whole chicken was roasted ‘bisaya’ style and the birthday cake was semi sans rival and pavlova – the meringue base from pavlova cake and the buttercream I attempted from the sans rival recipe.   The sans rival meringue instructions are still too much for me to undertake.

The only viand that remained true to form were the fish escabeche, fresh lumpia, pancit canton and humba.  My leche flan was the star amongst the mango refrigerator cake and the biko (sweet sticky rice).

Majority of the guests were a group of close-knit friends of my sister and brother-in-law; us, who already comprised half of the crowd; and my brother-in-law’s relatives.  These are the same persons who are always present at family celebrations.  Thus, same faces, same dresses; another expression coined by my sisters.

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Very colourful food, but we can’t see the face of the celebrant!

Comment by Mila

anonymous man kaha ni. The celebrant has a fear of internet exposure. Wala ra ba ko na-nanghid, ha!ha!ha!

Comment by hingpit

Bana ni siya ni Nang Dading ‘Day? Mora pod diay ni siya ug si MM :-).

Comment by Senn

Senn, yes bana ni Dading.Wala pa man lagi kay bag-ong entry sa imong blog.

Comment by hingpit

Yes Day, pa gana gana ra ko ug update sa akong blog ;-). I don’t seem to have the energy lately especially pagkamatay ni Mano Gingging, don’t know “where to start”. Take care Day

Comment by Senn

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