Pinakbet (Vegetable Stew with Meat and Shrimp Paste)
11 October 2009, 10:12 pm
Filed under: Pork, Vegies

Many Filipino stall holders at RC Sunday Market have started selling bags of chopped vegetables which contain the standard ingredients for pinakbet; bitter melon (ampalaya), okra, eggplants, long beans/string beans, and squash.

Mama, who was taught to cook by my late Ilocano grandfather, uses ginamos (salted fermented fish) to enhance the flavor – the Ilocano way. If I was in Cebu, my pinakbet would also be seasoned with ginamos, the way my mother and her ancestors enjoyed it.

Getting hold of good quality ginamos in my neck of the woods is a challenge. The anchovy fillets together with the garlic when sautéing is an ideal replacement. Ginisang bagoong (sautéed shrimp paste) is added as the final garnish just before serving.



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nice blog aunty maria say hi 2 the kids and Bong 4 me

Comment by mel

Many thanks, Mel. Hello to Mum and Lit

Comment by hingpit

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