Thirty one years ago…
10 October 2009, 4:20 pm
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… it is good to bond again.  Our upcoming 32nd high school grand reunion is scheduled for next year after our hometown’s fiesta.

Thirty one years gone by.. already?  “We used to be young.  I can remember when our hearts were very young”, as Kuh Ledesma’s sings — corny but true. Memories of familiar and smiling faces of high school friends are starting to fade and disappear gradually.

Then one day you find yourself chatting with them online, keeping abreast with each other, exchanging family photos, showing off your children and husband. Isn’t it good to link up again?

Bit by bit, memories that have started to fade away are slowly building colours.   Then you find yourself laughing and giggling ridiculously in front of the computer, alone and hanging out with classmates again, online.  Musing over classroom behavior and suddenly the brain seems to remember everything. Well, almost everything.

The next thing you know, you will find yourself back in your hometown, meeting up, surrounded by crying, laughing, giggling and sobbing  classmates after 32 years. Isn’t it good to bond again?

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