Modern Asian Cookbook – Filipino cuisine excluded again
9 September 2009, 8:12 pm
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The bookman delivered the cookbook I ordered last week, The Complete Book of Modern Asian, by The Australian Women’s Weekly.  The front page footer is missing the country that is part of Asia, Philippines.   Has Philippines migrated to another side of the globe seeking greener pastures?

Is this another indication that Filipino food is not as popular as or not at par with our Asian neighbours?  Is it lacking in glossy international marketing and promotion?  The packaging substandard? The push to international recognition is as scattered as our archipelago?  It just might need a lustrous package with an apt spark of colours.

I believe that Filipino cuisine shares equal food footing with other Asian cuisines, or even with Western cuisines. Filipinos should not justify that because Filipino cuisine is ‘neither here nor there’ or our culture ‘being the hybrid culture’ are excuses for not claiming equality.  For these reasons alone, yes, we can keep pace with  the rest of our neighbours and beyond.



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