Fresh Bulad (to dry in the sun)
22 February 2009, 9:38 am
Filed under: Food, General

Getting hold of fresh dried fish or dried squid in my neck of the woods is a rare experience. Dried fish is called bulad or buwad in the Visayan region while daing or tuyo in other regions. My mother occasionally obtains bulad dried locally from a fellow senior citizen, who like many Filipino migrants long for what many of us call the ultimate comfort food. He has done what few of us can do: prepare his own bulad, and gets extra cash from his ‘fresh’ enterprise. It still does not possess that unique taste which I must have acquired early in life, the taste of Cebu bulad which is produced on Bantayan Island.

Brother and his family packed half a suitcase of fresh dried danggit and dried nokus (squid) early this month, cleared by airport customs, of course. The ONLY pasalubong we demanded of them from Cebu. The smell of fried fresh bulad early Monday morning (the day they arrived) is the smell millions of Filipinos around the globe will recognize and a proof why many Filipinos call it the ultimate comfort food.

Cebu Danggit

Cebu Danggit

Dried Squid (Nokus)

Dried Squid (Nokus)


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