Baby-sitting Gift
1 February 2009, 9:07 am
Filed under: Family, General

My 14-year old daughter was totally cheerless when we were unable to visit Manila during the 2008 Christmas Holidays as well as school year end break.  Hubby was uncertain about what lay ahead.  Everything was vague.  Setting up entertainment for the kids was open — open to change.

Hubby and I are lucky that we have raised a levelheaded and mindful 14-year old daughter. True, she is just starting out to be a teenager and was looking forward to shopping, cinema, and just plain eager to be with her teen age friends; for more shopping and giggles.  She understood why everything was vague and why her Papa was unable to make up his mind.  The uncertainty did not only affect her but it also affected her siblings.

Her sometimes unenthusiastic baby-sitting helped us all the way through.  There is no compensation for the teenage jaunts she missed with her friends or the potpourri of bling she would have stumbled on in the shopping malls of Manila.

Hubby gave her baby-sitting money and a Hiptop mobile phone.  She is now the wealthiest among her friends and a new Hiptop mobile phone to boot.



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