Special Sunday Lunch
25 January 2009, 6:41 pm
Filed under: Family, Food, General

Sunday lunch in Cebu is what I call “something else’” meal; it was not special or out of the ordinary but it was not the same serving of food from the Mondays-to-Saturdays nutritional regime.

Sunday was always seafood day, mostly.  Aside from the lechon my parents didn’t miss buying from a suki outside the church, the family enjoyed  fish kinilaw, guso salad or lato, garlic medium-sized shrimps, stir fried small alimango with alugbati, sinugbang isda or pork, stir fried clams or tahong.  On several occasions my brother — who loves to cook and who is often invited to cook for close friends’s family parties — would prepare several side dishes like chicharon bulaklak (deep-fried pork intestines) or Cebuano paklay (goat tripe stew) during Sundays for his drinking buddies.

I make an effort to prepare “something else” for my family on Sundays.  Hubby and I regularly visit the oldest and most popular Sunday market in our neck of the woods, which opens from 6:00am to 2:00 pm. Aside from a wide selection of fresh Asian fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, the market also accommodates more than 10 stalls offering cuisines from different countries.

Today, hubby bought two Vietnamese special soups; Special Laksa Soup and Special Noodle Soup.  Our regular Thai suki for Sukiyaki and Thai Dried Noodles is on holidays. I also bought Thai crispy fried bananas and sweet potato and Thai black sticky rice with grated sweet coconut topping.

noodles-comboSpecial Laksablacksticky-rice


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