Leftover Christmas Ham-ba
29 December 2008, 2:44 am
Filed under: Cooking, Food

Encouraged by the recipe from Market Manila, I attempted to cook ham for Christmas. The first attempt, I would claim, was almost there.

I bought an Australian smoked leg ham and simmered it as advised by Market Manila in his December 24, 2006 article on Christmas Ham.

Picture the half leg of the ham simmering, not in the ‘Japanese hot springs bath’, but in a small pot with half its leg sticking out – duh….  I failed to remember to buy a big pot to accommodate the big ham.  This is just an experiment, isn’t it?  The ‘voice’ in my head advised to simmer the half leg at an hour-and-a-half interval, and vice-versa.  Half breaching MM’s: ‘Simmer over low heat for say 3-4 hours’.

Enough to my almost following the instructions in baby steps: the ham was cooked and eaten to the delight of my hubby who thinks it is better than Majestic Ham he is used to in Manila.   The same person who tells me I am the best looking woman on earth, EVERYDAY.  Yes, he is blind.

The second, but definitely not the final, attempt was made last Wednesday, 24 December. This time the ‘voice’ told me to buy a small ham.   Lo and behold! The ham fits in my pot! And it went ‘gurgling’ snugly for 3 hours.  This is just another experiment, isn’t it?  The ham was overcooked and it tasted like HUMBA.

Introducing the leftover of my Christman Ham-ba.  The moral of the story is; Buy a big pot?

Leftover Christmas Ham-ba

Leftover Christmas Ham-ba


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