Keeping up with Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Takas-Takas
28 December 2008, 9:36 am
Filed under: Family, General

The Keeping up with the Joneses catchphrase was adapted by my sisters to Keeping up with Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Takas-Takas and unreservedly claim this adaptation as their own. My analysis of these women:

Mrs. Jones still maintains the high living standard – fortunate enough to afford the luxury of life. Mrs. Johnson is the ‘Nouveau riche’, a career driven woman whose husband struggles so she is able to climb up the social ladder. A different story for Mrs. Takas-Takas: she is someone who does not want to be outdone by the neighbour’s house or by the neighbour’s wife. She spends money for the sake of flaunting her wealth to be admired and be recognized. Unfortunately, she tends to go into hiding when bills arrive.

My mother and older sisters would often say this statement when a family member, a close friend, a relative or an acquaintance tries desperately to keep up and maintain a lifestyle that is beyond reach or simply just TH (trying hard) to make an impression.

With the looming global recession the family, especially the women, is sympathetic towards Mrs. Takas-Takas.


Diamonds and pearls sans the diamonds.


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