‘Who do you think you are?’
27 December 2008, 1:12 pm
Filed under: Family, General

Taken during the Philippine Veterans Legion parade infront of the old Philippine Congress building going to Intramuros, May 8-12, 1957, Manila

The TV show Who Do You Think You Are? is a genealogy show.  Next to food shows, CSI and CI, this is also one of the many TV shows I follow. Gosh! And here I am wondering why I can’t manage my household.

My fascination with genealogy started in 1990 when visiting one of my relatives in Cebu.  She heard a story that we are descended from a 16th century hero.  Who wouldn’t be tempted to prove that right?  I pried and pushed my father for more information.  The response was just: ‘My parents died when I was only two years old’.   My late father was born in 1918, the youngest of 13 children of whom nine only survived and was raised by older siblings.

With tremendous help from my husband who designed the website and carried out major technical and administrative work, we  started the family’s website in 1998, tracing my father’s roots.  Half of the information such as lineage was provided by a relative who is as fascinated as I am in genealogy.  The other half was provided by family members who accidentally discovered the Family website on the Internet.

How do you tackle the challenge when you received an e-mail from an anak sa gawas requesting contact details of the father whom he hasn’t seen for 10 years?   Would you remove the offspring of a nephew just because the wife refuses to accept the husband’s past?

The appreciation and overwhelming support by relatives have not quenched my curiosity to know more.  I plan to go on a journey to my grandparents hometown in Cebu in order to pin down who I am.


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